The DeltaMaker includes a build-in slicer, so you may print your own digital designs, without the need to install and configure any software on your computer.  With this built-in slicer, you may upload STL files directly to the DeltaMaker for printing.

Cura is the built-in slicer, and it is pre-configured for printing simple 3D objects. The pre-configured temperature of the print head is 230 degrees C, which is the standard temperature for DeltaMaker PLA filament.

If you wish to print at a different temperature, you may specify an "offset" on the temperature tab in OctoPrint.  The offset value is added to 230 to set the new temperature.  If you with to print at a temperature less than 230, you may set a negative offset value.

In the example below, we entered an offset value of 5 and then pressed the "Set" button.  This resulted in the Target temperature of 235, when we printed an object that with sliced using the built-in slicer.

Please note that the offset must be set before the object starts printing.  If you wish to change the temperature while an object is printing, please set the desired temperature in the "target" field for the print head (Hotend) and press the "Set" button.

The built-in slicer is optimized for printing simple objects, and STL files that do not need complex support structures.   When sophisticated support structures are required, we recommend that you prepare your STL files for printing using a professional-grade slicer such as Simplify3D.