The DeltaMaker 3D printer is accessed using the web browser on your computer or mobile device.   

Required Software

The following browsers are compatible with the DeltaMaker 3D printer:  Google Chrome browser, Firefox, and Safari.  See "Compatible Browsers" for download instructions.   Internet Explorer is not fully compatible, and is not recommended.

A compatible browser is all you need to print the included sample 3D objects, and many other 3D objects that you may download from the Internet.

Recommended Software

To create your own 3D objects to print on your DeltaMaker, you will need access to 3D modeling or 3D CAD software.  Many of which can be used free of charge.  We recommend TinkerCAD (  and SketchUp (

Optional Software

The following software is optional.  It is not required to begin using the DeltaMaker, however it will provide increased functionality that advanced users will appreciate.   For advanced users, or anyone who in interested in fine-tuning their 3D prints, the following "model preparation software" is recommended.  This software is also known as "slicing software" or simply the "slicer."

We recommend the following slicers: Cura Slicer and Simplify3D.   Cura is a popular open-source (free) slicer program.  Simplify3D is a commercially available, professional-quality slicer program, for which DeltaMaker is an authorized reseller.  Simplify3D may optionally be bundled with the DeltaMaker 3D printer at a reduced price.