The corner covers are assembled using the following parts.  To personalize your DeltaMaker, you may print these parts in the color of your choice.  If you only wish to add a little color to your printer, the three flat parts, below, will print the fastest. The names of the STL files are as follows:

DM1-1051-001.STL is the large cover plate that is covers the motors in the 3 bottom corners.

DM1-1051-002.STL is the large cover plate with the cutout for the limit switches in the 3 top corners.

DM1-1052-001.STL is the small plate that fills the gap behind the vertical rail on all 6 corners.

DM1-1051-001, DM1-1051-002, DM1-1052-001

DM1-1050-001.STL is the enclosure, with a cutout for the motors, for the bottom corners of the printer.
DM1-1050-002.STL is the enclosure, without any cutouts, for the top corners of the printer.


DM1-1057-001.STL and DM-1057-002.STL are special versions of the enclosures, with additional cutouts for the power switch and electrical connectors on the back of the printer.

DM1-1057-001, DM1-1057-002