The DeltaMaker 3D printer features a detachable print head, that is easily installed and removed.  Print heads manufactured after 2017 also feature a detachable wire harness, to allow removal of the print head independently of the wiring.

Print Head Removal

  1.  If the print head has a detachable wire harness, carefully disconnect it from the print head.


  2. Disconnect the filament guide tube from the print head by pressing down on the blue ring while lifting the tubing.

  3. Remove the two stainless steel screws from the print head mounting bracket.

  4. If the wire harness is not detachable from the print head, the filament guide tube and wire harness must be disconnect at the back of the printer.  To disconnect the filament guide tube, gently lift up the tubing while pressing down on the black plastic ring on the extruder drive.  To disconnect the wire harness, first loosen the two screws on the connector using a flat-blade screwdriver.

Print Head Installation

  1. Align print head in the proper orientation on the printer.  The fan must be facing the front of the printer.
  2. Attach the two stainless steel screws (Metric M3x12) to secure the mounting bracket to the printer.

  3. Attach the wire harness to the print head (if it was detached).

  4. Connect the filament guide tube to the top of the print head, by firmly inserting through the blue ring.

  5. Next, attached the wire harness and filament guide tube to the back of the printer. Attach the wire harness by plugging in the connector at the back of the printer, and tightening the two screws securely with a small screwdriver.  Attach the guide tube to the extruder drive by inserting the tubing through the black plastic ring. The tubing should only be inserted approximately 1/2 inch, to ensure it does not interfere with the operation of the extruder drive.