Please note that the nozzle must be HOT when it is removed or replaced.  To avoid damaging your print head, never attempt to unscrew a cold nozzle.

Required tool:  7mm socket or open-end wrench (a socket wrench is recommended)

Below are the basic steps for removing the nozzle:

1. Preheat the print head to 100° C.

2. Unload the filament from the print heat.

3. Ensure the nozzle temperature is at least 100° C.  Never attempt to loosen or tighten the nozzle at a temperature below 100°.  Do not touch the brass nozzle, or heater block the nozzle is attached to, with your bare hands.

4. With extreme caution, gently loosen the nozzle using a 7mm wrench.  Be care to only turn the brass nozzle; the heater block that the nozzle attaches to MUST NOT turn. Stop turning the nozzle immediately, if the nozzle does not turn freely.

Below are the required steps for replacing the nozzle:

1. Preheat the print head to 100° C.

2. Carefully insert and begin turning the nozzle in the hole on the bottom of the heater block.  The nozzle will get hot very quickly during this step -- use extreme caution to prevent burning yourself.

3. Using the 7mm wrench, slowly turn the nozzle to thread it into the heater block.  DO NOT over-tighten -- the nozzle should only be turned with the wrench until it is snug.

4. With an empty build plate on the printer, perform the Auto Bed Mapping function.   Watch the nozzle as the touch probe makes contact with the build paper to confirm the nozzle never touches the build plate. 

5. With a sheet of paper on the build plate, set the Nozzle Height using the "too high" and "too low" buttons.

If you have any questions regarding the nozzle replacement procedure, please contact our Customer Support Help Desk at: