Upgrade your extruder drive mechanism with our version 2 mount and tubing fitting. This mount includes a new tubing fitting that holds the filament guide tube more securely than the previous version. This upgrade will also improve your extruder's performance on flexible filaments, such as "SoftPLA".

This upgrade is available for purchase on our website at: http://www.deltamaker.com/collections/upgrades-and-replacement-parts

Installation Summary

  1. Unload the filament from the printer, and discount the filament guide tube from the top of the Extruder Drive on the back of the printer.  To release the tube, press down on the press-to-release ring that the tube passes through.
  2. Using the attached drawing, remove the old mount and install the new Extruder Drive Mount (ver 2).
  3. Attach the small zip-tie to the end of the filament guide tube as shown in the photo below.  This allows the desired depth to be accurately set, and will prevent the tube from being inserted too far.  The zip-tie should be firmly attached approximately 15mm from the end of the tube. 
  4. Insert the tube into the mount until the zip-tie touches the black plastic (press-to-release) ring on the top of the mount.