The DeltaMaker is pre-configured with the following networking options.  Either of these options may be immediately used, without any additional setup procedures.

1.  Ethernet Connection -- an Ethernet cable may to plugged into the connector on the back of the printer, for a wired connection to your network router.  The printer uses DHCP to join your network.  If you wish to use this option, please ensure that your router is configured to support DHCP.

2.  Wi-Fi Access Point -- If an Ethernet cable is not connected to the back of the printer when it starts-up, a Wi-Fi access point will automatically be created when the printer is turned-on.   You may connect to this access point using the network name and password provided in your with your printer.  The Wi-Fi network uses a STATIC network address (, which may be used to access the printer via a web browser (for example,

The DeltaMaker is configured to use Bonjour, so you may access the printer using it's name, such as deltamaker-nnnn.local, where nnnn is a 4-digit number (browse to http://deltamaker-nnnn.local).  This requires that the computer or mobile device running your web browser is also setup for Bonjour.  Mac OS, iOS, and most Linux computers are already configured for Bonjour.  On a Windows PC, the Bonjour service will need to be installed.  Users who have previously installed the iTunes program will automatically have Bonjour installed.  If your PC does not have iTunes, the Bonjour service may be installed separately (attached below). 

The Bonjour service is available, as a free download, from the following website: