This procedure is for users who require the use of a static IP address on their Ethernet network.

Currently, this procedure involves logging-in to the DeltaMaker's build-in Raspberry Pi computer, and editing a file using a Linux command line text editor. Please note that Linux network administration experience is beneficial to ensure that this procedure is followed correctly.

While configuring the Ethernet port on the DeltaMaker, we recommend that you temporarily connect to the printer's Wi-Fi access point from a laptop of other computer with Wi-Fi capabilities.  The DeltaMaker's access point uses the following static IP address:

  1. Connect to the DeltaMaker Wi-Fi access point (using the password included with your printer).
  2. Browse to 
    Port 4200 will connect you the Linux command line for the Raspberry Pi
  3. Login using the username "pi", and the password provided by our tech support team.
  4. The network configuration is set by modifying the following file:  /etc/network/interfaces

  5. Using the editor of your choice (vi, nano, etc) locate the following line near the top of the file:
    iface eth0 inet dhcp
    The first few lines of the file are shown below.

  6. Remove or comment-out the iface eth0 inet dhcp line, and insert the following lines in it's place:

    auto eth0
    iface eth0 inet static

    Be sure to use your desired static IP address, and the corresponding netmask instead of the ones in this example.

    The first few lines of the file, after our modifications, are shown below:

  7. Save your modifications to the file, and shutdown the Raspberry Pi.
    sudo shutdown -h now

  8. Wait 30 seconds and power-off the DeltaMaker.   Plug the Ethernet cable into the connector on the back of the printer, and power-on the DeltaMaker.

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