Below is the recommended technique for fine-tuning the amount of adhesion between the printed objects and the build plate -- the adhesion is easily controlled, and when properly set, the objects will be firmly attached while being printed, and easy to remove from the build plate when the printed is finished.

The amount of adhesion may be adjusted from "very little", which can lead to a printing failure if the object moves during the printing process, to "too much", which will make the printed object difficult to remove from the build plate.   The proper setting will be mid-way between these two extremes.

The amount of adhesion is controlled by adjusting the height of the print-head (nozzle) while the object is being printed; specifically while the first layer of the object is being printed.  Too much adhesion occurs if the nozzle is “too low”.  Too little adhesion occurs if the nozzle is too high.   Please note the location of the “Too Low” and “Too High” buttons in the screenshot below. They are directly above the “Save & Home” button on the "Control" tab.  These buttons may be used while the first layer of the object is being printed to increase or decrease the amount of adhesion. 

Clicking the appropriate button once or twice is usually enough to fine-tune the amount of adhesion.  Please note that this technique may only be used while the first layer of the object in printing.  If the proper adhesion is not achieved on the first layer, the print will need to be restarted. 

Important:  Only the "Too Low" and "Too High" buttons may be pressed while the printer is operating.  Do not press “Save & Home” or the other buttons while an object is being printed.  The other buttons will interrupt the printing process, leaving the printed object incomplete.