In order to utilize the DeltaMaker connected directly to your computer's ethernet connection under Windows 7/8/8.1/10 you will need to enable "Internet Connection Sharing".

Since you will be generally using WiFi, you'll want to start out by right-clicking the wireless interface icon in your start menu.  

From there, click "Open Network and Sharing Center".  This should open up a page similar to the one pictured:

On the left of the window, there is a list of options.  Click the option that says "Change Adapter Settings".  This should bring up a list of adapters on your machine.

Typically there will be one Ethernet, and one Wi-Fi.  Right-click on the Wi-Fi adapter (this will seem counter-intuitive at first), and click on "Properties".  The next window will open up, and you will want to click on the sharing tab at the top of the window, and then ensure that "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection" is checked.

Click OK, and close out the windows you just opened.

Connect an ethernet cable between the ethernet port on the computer, and the ethernet port on the DeltaMaker.  It is not necessary to restart the DeltaMaker.  From there, you can open up Windows Explorer, click on the "Network" section, and find your DeltaMaker listed as a device.

If you are unable to locate the DeltaMaker 3D printer on your network, you may use the following procedure to find the 3D printer, and open the user interface in your web browser.

From a laptop computer or other WiFi enabled mobile device, temporarily connect to the DeltaMaker_WiFi hotspot for your 3D printer.

While connected, use Google Chrome, or other compatible web browser, to browse to

This will display the link that you may use to connect to your DeltaMaker on your Ethernet network.