Below is the recommended technique for removing printed objects from the build plate.

First, always loosen the finished print, before attempting to lift it off the build plate. The object should be firmly attached to the build plate during the printing process to ensure that it does not move or wobble.  However, this adhesion will prevent the object from being immediately lifted from the build plate when the printing is finished.

To loosen the printed object, use the "scraper" tool that was included with the printer.  This tool has a flat blade, with pointy areas on the side and tip of the blade.  The photo below shows the proper way to use this tool.  The scraper should be resting flat on the build plate, with the side of the scraper next to the printed object to be removed.  The point on the side of the scraper (not the point on the tip) should be pressed under the edge of the printed object until the scraper slides between the build plate and the object.  

The edge of the scraper should slide under the object without too much effort.   Once the edge is under the object, continue sliding the scraper under the entire object until it is released from the build plate.  The scraper should remain flat against the build plate while the object is being loosened— it should never be used to “pry-off the object” by attempting to lift the edge of the object.  Doing so may break the printed object or bend the blade of the scraper tool.

If it is very difficult to remove the printed object from the build plate, than you have too much adhesion — please use our "Controlling Build Plate Adhesion" procedure to reduce the amount of adhesion between the build plate and the object.